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Since 1989...

Guyton Law Office brings years of legal experience in the immigration process to meet the challenges posed by this complex and ever-changing area of law.

Whether you are just beginning the process of obtaining a visa to stay temporarily or permanently in the U.S., or are in the midst of proceedings already underway, we can help. We will answer your questions, help you decide on the best route to meet your needs, and assist you in all phases of your application from preparation and filing of documents to your interview, and if necessary, represent you before an immigration judge.

Our expertise in preparing and filing the petitions, applications and documents required by non-residents to maintain or gain legal status in the U.S. ranks us among the most respected legal resources in the field.

Opened in Minnesota over 24 years ago, today Guyton Law Office focuses on:

Employment-Based Immigration
Family-Based Immigration
Temporary Visas

Our clients come from every walk of life, and include organizations in the retail, manufacturing, health care, and IT sectors.

Guyton Law Office Personnel

Trish Deutsch; Charissa Uemura; Carey Thuente; Lesley Guyton



Suite G-60 / 970 Raymond / St. Paul MN 55114 / 651-641-8664

NOTICE: Nothing on this web site should be taken as legal advice for any individual case or situation. All information provided here is general in nature, and should not be relied upon for any specific situation. For sound legal advice, consult an attorney experienced in immigration law.

Sending an email, faxing documents, or completing a questionnaire does not establish an attorney-client relationship with Guyton Law Office, either express or implied. Only the conclusion of a contractual agreement between Guyton Law Office and the person seeking legal representation can formalize such a relationship.

Updated 6/10/2013